A Coachella DJ Flipped Off God By Mixing ‘Baby Shark’ Into ‘Sandstorm’

As Coachella is in full swing of Weekend One, Day Three over in California right now, I’d like to take a moment to look back at Day One. San Francisco DJ Jauz‘ set at the Sahara Stage in particular. Well, one huge drop in his set – the moment he turned it out and played ‘Baby Shark‘ on one of the biggest festival stages.

[jwplayer ogf981l4]

After posting on his Twitter late last year that he’d work a remix of the viral nursery rhyme track (which I honestly still don’t understand but somehow have in my head at least once a week), Jauz stayed true to his word and dropped his ‘Baby Shark‘ mix right in the middle of his set.

And you know what? Everyone fuckin’ lost their MINDS.


Now it’s an impressive/risky move to essentially dedicate part of what’s probably going to be the biggest show of your career to an earworm of a song, but mixing it into Darude‘s ‘Sandstorm‘? That’s a whole other level of insanity.

It’s absolutely sending it express post with 400 stamps.

And as much as I don’t like to admit it, it fuckin’ slaps.

Taking the ‘doo’ from ‘Baby Shark‘ looping it, and speeding it up so much that you can match it to the tempo of easily one of the greatest floor fillers in recent history is a god damned SKILL and I love it.

Let it be known that I’ll absolutely be passing by this set on Weekend Two to see if he drops the same stupid/fantastic mix again, and will report back on how much people once again lose their absolute shit.