Here’s Everything We Know About Lizzo’s Brand New Bop-Filled Album ‘Special’

lizzo new album special

Angelic pop star Lizzo has revealed the name, release date and cover of her long-awaited new album. To celebrate she also dropped a new single, a disco bop called “About Damn Time.” Yes, Lizzo, it is about damn time.

The brand new album “Special”, which is sure to be chock full of earworms, is slated for a July 15 release. It’s been three whole years since Lizzo gifted us with new jams. Three whole miserable years.

There are only so many times I can listen to 2019’s “Cuz I Love You” on repeat. The people need more!

“These are songs about love,” she said in a press release for “Special”.

“Whether it’s self-love, love for your family, love for your friends, or love for a significant other. I really believe that love for oneself and for others is what this world needs to be a better place.”

You can have a looksie at the album cover below. Lizzo looks like a modern-day Joan of Arc in a gorgeous sequin hood and I am absolutely here for it. Sure the title isn’t exactly the most exciting, but I kinda dig it.

As some eagle-eyed fans have noticed, however, Lizzo’s massive return single “Rumors” featuring Cardi B is absent from the album’s tracklist on Apple Music. This might have a thing or two to do with the song’s poor critical reception, but who knows.

Regardless of the fate of “Rumors”, the new single “About Damn Time” is a super energetic dancefloor-filler with a disco-inspired beat.

It’s everything we’ve come to expect from Lizzo. Catchy lyrics, a feel-good attitude and a healthy dose of badassery.

“‘About Damn Time’ can lead into so many conversations,” she said in an interview with Zane Lowe.

“It’s about damn time I feel better, it’s about damn time we get out of this pandemic. It’s about damn time we get the first Black female Supreme Court Justice. There are so many things. It’s about damn time we popped the champagne. It’s about damn time the tequila got here.”

You can check out the video below.

This beat is catchy as hell. I for one am here for every pop star entering their disco era.