Little May Drifts Through A Dreamy “Great Southern Land” For Like A Version

Often the temptation for artists visiting Triple J to lay down a groove for Like a Version is to stay in the shallow end of the pool and tackle something from the current crop of artists – put a unique spin on something that’s got new heat – rather than tap into their influences and their own personal music history to drag a classic out from storage.

Little May got bold in choosing to dive into Icehouse‘s iconic Australian hit “Great Southern Land” when visiting JJJHQ this morning, but to their credit they managed to pull it off magnificently.
Producing a drifting, dreamy, crescendoing version of the song, the band manages to do what few have done successfully before – bringing in their own unique interpretation whilst championing the original source material.
It builds, it floats, and it’s all around fairly damned pretty. Well worth your time.