OPEN WIDE, HITS INSIDE: The ‘Play School’ Theme Comp Has A Dope AF Winner

VICTORY! The sweetest emotion of all!

After combing through hundreds upon hundreds of entries, your gr8 m8s at Triple J have unearthed themselves a winner in the hotly contested Play School theme remix competition.
The one who emerged from the pack glorious and victorious is 19-year-old Noosa beatmaker Andre Butterworth, better known now as COPYCATT.
The young roofer’s take on the iconic theme is a dreamy, beat-dropping, certifiable banger of a track that came about as something of a happy accident.
Speaking to Matt & Alex after the announcement this morning, COPYCATT explained how an early mistake lead to the final track.

“I actually wrote out the chords wrong, but it kind of sounded good? And that’s how the remix got started. I was intending to do something harder and darker because that’s how most of my music usually sounds, but obviously I’m stoked with what’s happened.”

COPYCATT now scores a mad trip down to Sydney to visit the Play School set, as well as a huge one-on-one masterclass with with Triple J’s own House Party host, KLP.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the stonkin’ great remix for yourselves. It’s a real good time.

Confirmed: The drops are indeed dope.

Source: Triple J.