Laneway’s New Way To Pay For Yr Tix Is Gonna Make FOMO A Thing Of The Past

Fabulous news for the eternally cash-poor music fiends among us: the legends at Laneway Festival have introduced a new way to pay for your tickets, and it’s a fkn lifesaver.

Called Time To Pay, it’s a system that breaks up the ticket price into equal monthly instalments – a bit like the Afterpay system that we’ve all come to know and love.

Just like Afterpay, the payments are all processed via your credit card, but unlike Afterpay – because this is a ticket for an event, not a great jacket – the payment plans are slightly different depending on when you buy your tix.

If you get ’em between now and the end of September, the price will be broken up into five equal instalments between now and January.

If you cop your tix in October, you’ll have four payments, and likewise in November, you’ll have three payments.

Any tickets you commit to buy are guaranteed yours, too. Piece of piss.

All of this is to say that paying for Laneway tickets just got a helluva lot easier, so now there’s no excuse for FOMO, or for scabbing off your mates.

It’s 2017! Take control of those finances!

Tickets are on sale now: cop ’em right here. See you at Slowdive, m8s.