Laneway 2018’s Youngest Act Billie Eilish Nailed Her Sold-Out Sydney Show


Last night tiny human Billie Eilish graced Sydney‘s legendary Lansdowne Hotel for her sold-out show, with her v. supportive bro, Finneas O’Connell, by her side. If you weren’t sure whether or not you wanted to hit up Laneway next year, Eilish’s offering is the push and shove you were looking for.

She’s nek-level confident and got that cool disposition thing down pat, standing out in a year of music that has seen female artists struggle to chart despite their collective melting pot of talent. (A nice reminder that Billboard rankings are not always representative of burgeoning talent and hard work.)

Eilish’s audience gave as much as they took during the set, singing along to every word as the singer switched naturally from prancing passionately on stage to delivering electronic ballads with moves to match.

The 15-year-old is definitely one to watch, with a raw talent and presence on stage reminiscent of Lorde, who shot to fandom with her album Pure Heroine at just 16. Teenagers these days, am I right? It a hundo percent leaves you questioning just WTF you were doing at the ripe age of 15 (which, if you’re anything like me, was not a whole hell of a lot).

BRB, contemplating life.