Regardless of whether or not you reckon the Hottest 100 should be moved away from Jan 26 (spoiler alert: it should), it doesn’t change the fact that it is happening this year on the Australia Day holiday.

And it just so happens that that date also coincides with the Brisbane leg of the travelling carnival of rad that is Laneway Festival.

So while on any other day you might have to choose between catching a band and impatiently gluing your ear to the radio in order to see if Triple J does the right and just thing finally by filling the top ten with nothing but TISM, the kind folk at St. Jerome have decided to two-birds-one-stone it and chuck a yuge Backyard Party at the Brissy fest so those keen to can get fully involved with the countdown.

The festival’s ‘Hottest 100 Backyard Party‘ will see a big ole’ area of the festival grounds decked out in full backyard party regalia, with a live-stream to the Hottest 100 firmly plugged in.

What’s more, they’ve tapped local Brisbane favourites Patience Hodgson from The Grates, and comedian/writer Mel Buttle to host the whole shebang.

Violent Soho and DZ Deathrays are also gonna be hanging out, possibly signing the odd vinyl, definitely sinking the odd Precious Bevington, which means things could go from casual to loose in a record amount of time.

Beyond gimmicks, the area’s gonna have a heap of sweet, sweet shade for the pasty among you to shield your glorious alabaster skin from the bastard sun. The Bowery lords will be on-hand to mix you up a bangin’ mojito or a variety of other summer deliciousness, and Crafted Q will be smoking up a shiteload of BBQ just to round things up nicely.

If that’s not a white hot way to idly while away a couple of hours, then we do not want to know what is.

Tickets are still available for the Brisbane leg of Laneway, which hits the Showgrounds on Thursday, January 26th.

All the vital details can be found over at the Laneway Festival website.

Source: Laneway Festival.

Photo: Supplied.