WATCH: ABC Journo Reads Out Some Truly Filthy Laneway Lineup Reactions

Apparently people were pretty stoked with the Laneway lineup that dropped this morning, and they’ve been celebrating the only way they know how: by shitposting on social media at 100% power levels.

Because the ABC is a magical playground where apparently you can do anything you want (except move when the ‘Hottest 100‘ is *cough cough*), Triple J decided to amplify these joyous, jubilant voices by having the comments on their announcement post read out by ABC 24 newsreader Kumi Taguchi.
Is having someone with professional broadcast diction read out things like “Strap ya dick on, we’re going to Laneway.” and “Yassssss.” the funniest thing in the world? It’s too soon to call it but I’m going to say “yes”.
Have a watch, and bask in the joy of a taxpayer-funded broadcaster doing the most ridiculous things it can because, well, it can:
Source and photo: Facebook.