The only babies that Lady Gaga is birthing anytime soon are new music, she’s confirmed. As much as the rumour mill has been in god damned overdrive recently about whether or not she’s got a wee bun in her monster oven, she’s swatted away those whispers with a single tweet.

The swift deflect has sent her fans into a tizzy, as it’s the first time that Lady Gaga has even acknowledged that she’s got a sixth album brewing, considering she’s been quite busy for the last month-ish with a little thing called A Star Is Born.

It’s literally been a week since the movie’s soundtrack and ‘Shallow‘ simultaneously hit number one on the charts and she’s riding that wave right to the shore, where I assume she’ll step off and hand-deliver her album-baby to the world. We do not deserve it but by God do we need it.

As expected, everyone in her replies has gone absolutely batshit over the fact that she finally acknowledged the incoming album.

Others have begun trying to pin down any potential collabs, doing the sleuth work to try and figure out just who might be getting a feature on LG6, which is the working title that Mama Monster has given us mere mortals so far.

Considering Lady Gaga followed Rihanna and US producer Bloodpop moments before she tweeted about the upcoming album, many are linking the activity together as a nod that we might finally be getting that Gaga X Riri collab we’ve been waiting years for. And then renowned creative director Eli Russell followed BloodPop, and Diplo did something as well but it’s ALL CONNECTED it’s overwhelming me.

Scottish PC pop producer SOPHIE has also confirmed that she’s been working with Lady Gaga on this new record, so I guess all will be revealed when the Queen of Pop goes into royal musical labour.

Image: Getty Images / Rick Rowell