‘A Star Is Born’ Is Officially Lady Gaga’s Fifth Chart-Topping Album

Lady Gaga has claimed her fifth number-one album atop the Billboard charts with the soundtrack for A Star Is Born. The album burst into the charts at the top spot because of COURSE it did. Have you even heard the absolute masterpiece that is ‘Why Did You Do That?’ Am I being sarcastic? I don’t even know anymore!

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The soundtrack, written and recorded by Lady Gaga and her on-screen tortured artist love interest Bradley Cooper, is the fifth album in ten years that Gaga has hit the top spot, nudging Taylor Swift out of the way and concreting her as the most successful songwriting woman of the 2010’s. It’s the first #1 album for Bradley so well done, pal.

A Star Is Born OST joins Lady Gaga’s other chart-topping albums, Joanne, ARTPOP, Born This Way, and her duet album with Tony BennettCheek To Cheek.

Lady Gaga bursts onto the soundtrack with her rendition of Édith Piaf‘s ‘La Vie En Rose‘ which gave me some serious goosebumps in the cinema as I watched her dig deep and sing from the depths of her guts. There’s no denying that she’s got a set of incredibly fine-tuned pipes on her.

Cooper’s contributions are gritty country-rock, deeply contrasting the journey of Lady Gaga’s character from drag club singer to a full-blown pop starlet. Two genres that conventionally don’t meld together that well, but tell the age-old story of one star’s career fading as another one rises. A true Hollywood classic, this one.

A Star Is Born is the best-performing soundtrack in recent years, holding the biggest debut week for an original soundtrack since the Fifty Shades Of Grey OST came out.