Kim Churchill’s QOTSA Like A Version Is Way Too Horny For Friday Morning

Queen Of The Stone Age’s Make It Wit Chu is a bit of an oddity: nestled on an album tunes as burly as Sick, Sick, Sick and Misfit Love, the track can almost blindside listeners with its deep, simmering thirst. Still, vanilla Godzilla Josh Homme and his crew manage to keep the tune bouncing along. It’s horny, sure, but it’s a lotta fun.

Kim Churchill’s new Like A Version interpretation is not what we’d call ‘fun’.

Armed with an acoustic guitar, some synth bass and surprisingly thunderous drums, Churchill managed to take the levity of the OG track and transform it into something much, much more intense. The danceable bop of the original is supplanted with a crescendo-driven pulse that seems tailor-made to soundtrack a smang-session on a gritty new AMC drama.

It’s a hell of a lot for a Friday morning, but hell, it’s 2am somewhere. Get around it: