Kelly Rowland To Perform At 2010 Mardi Gras

“When love takes ooovvveeerrr. Eee-yeah-ee-yeahh.” All the time, stalking me. From swinging club doors, the television, the radio, supermarket speakers. Muttered by my Mother, my girlfriend, my dry cleaner and to my absolute horror…myself.

Last year, no one could escape the ubiquitous monstrosity that was David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s “When Love Takes Over” and I’ve a feeling Sydneysiders will be hearing it again when Rowland performs as part of the 2010 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The news was leaked via a gig listing on Rowland’s official website which also promised appearances in Perth on March 5 and Brisbane on March 7. Eee-yeah-ee-yeahhh!