‘The Voice’ Crew & Sansa Stark Are Out In Sydney Rn For Boy George’s Bday

Because we are journalists we have ~sources~, sources who go out for dinner in Sydney‘s Surry Hills and do some accidental celeb-spotting, and y’know what they found? The found The Voice judges and Sansa Stark out on the town for Boy George‘s 57th birthday.

ICYMI: 22-year-old Sophie Turner, who y’all recognise as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, is in Sydney atm hanging out with her squeeze/fiancé 28-year-old Joe Jonas while he shoots the latest season of The Voice. According to the Daily Tele, she’s been here since last Thursday and will be hanging around until her bae’s show wraps up production on Sunday.

So far they’ve mostly been papped by fans – not dropping many clues as to their whereabouts on their personal pages – including a shot with a fan’s dogs in Bondi.

They’ve also been spotted by our ~source~ who just happened to also be dining at Mark And Vinny’s Spaghetti & Spritz tonight, as part of a group of 20 people armed with balloons, that are celebrating the Boy’s birthday. The gang include all the judges from the popular singing comp, like Kelly Rowland and Delta Goodrem, who have been blowing up Insta Stories with pizza party content all night.

For instance, if you go to Goodrem‘s Insta rn, you can watch her and Rowland singing along to Whitney Houston‘s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ for Mr. George in a crowded restaurant about an hour ago. And on Rowland‘s you can cop a look at the cake and the final bars of ‘Happy Birthday‘.

Another neat-o development from Turner’s time in Sydney is the widely reported fact that the Game of Thrones star got herself a tattoo from local artist Lauren Winzer last week, which immortalises ON HER SKIN her time on the hit fantasy show about dragons and family and fighting. It’s a direwolf, along with the caption ‘The pack survives‘, a line which originally comes from George R. R. Martin‘s first GoT book, A Song of Ice and Fire: “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives,” Ned Stark tells daughter Arya when she says she hates her big sis, Sansa.

But dw, Jonas was there too: he’s now got tattoos of Spongebob, Mario tattoo and Freddie Mercury.

Seems like they’re having a bloody lovely time in Sydney then, ey? Too bad the pizza place is shut now, so you wont be able to just stumble in and froth on ’em in person tonight. But who knows? If you lurk around Bondi Beach over the next few days you might just spot a Stark.