ABC Presenters Slammed Bigots Who Fired Gross Abuse At Staff Marching In The Mardi Gras

ABC News Breakfast has hit back at the homophobic abuse hurled at weather presenter and meteorologist Nate Byrne after his participation in the ABC’s Mardi Gras parade float, calling on bigoted commenters to “go back under their rocks” with their nasty bullshit.

Speaking on the programme this morning, co-hosts Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar praised the broadcaster’s inaugural float, which boasted participation from Byrne and ABC News Breakfast make-up artist Kerrie Stanley, plus ABC presenters including Patricia Karvelas, Annabel Crabb, and Fran Kelly.

But attention soon turned to the backlash against Byrne. Taking to social media yesterday, the presenter shared a snippet of the homophobic slurs hurled his way by viewers after his appearance in the parade.

“It IS a sick world we live in – one where this kind of unprovoked spray of hatred is still on the cards,” Byrne said.

“This is why we march.”

Remarking on the abuse thrown at Byrne and other ABC journalists after the event, Rowland had some choice remarks of his own this morning.

“You might have seen on social media Nate was the subject of some disgusting, some disgraceful homophobic comments which we think are just appalling here on News Breakfast,” he said.

“We are so proud of not just Nate, but all of our colleagues, Fran Kelly, Patricia Karvelas, Annabel Crabb, everybody who took part, not just in the ABC float, but for that matter, everyone who turned up to support the ABC.”

In a further message of support, Rowland said “those people sending those sorts of messages can go back under their rocks this morning.”

An estimated 200,000 people crowded Sydney’s Oxford Street to watch the celebrations – a number which, hopefully, outnumbers all of the bigots who can only get their jollies from abusing TV personalities.

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