Katy Perry Is In A Bizarre Real Estate Battle With Some Nuns

As Forbes established yesterday with their official 2015 list of celebrities who are way richer than youKaty Perry is currently the world’s highest earning musician. 
Money can’t buy you everything, though – especially when a posse of super judgey and super determined nuns are involved.
Perry recently put in an offer to buy a former convent, the home base of the Sisters Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary in Los Angeles, to turn it into a rehearsal space. 
After hearing of the offer, the nuns who formerly lived there have rebelled, saying that the Archbishop who is selling the premises to the pop star has no right to do so.
According to Curbed, Perry recently met with the nuns, showed them her Jesus tattoo and sang them a rendition of ‘Oh Happy Day’, but they were far from convinced.
“I found her videos (on the internet) and … if it’s all right to say, I wasn’t happy with any of it,” said Sister Rita, in what is, all things considered, a fairly polite condemnation of Perry.
“We have given many years to this archdiocese and we have served them well. For the archdiocese to … put us under a bus and run over us, I’m sorry, it was just too much for me.”
The house, which has views of Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains, is expected to sell for around $US 15 million, but the nuns are concerned that their higher-ups are trying to cut them out of the sale.
The nuns claim that the property has already effectively been sold to restaurateur Dana Hollister, who wants to turn it into a boutique hotel; the archdiocese is suing her to void the nuns’ sale.
Katy Perry has yet to respond.
via Curbed
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto via Getty Images