Babe, Wake Up: Katy Perry Is Apparently Locked In A Property Battle With A Dying Elderly Person

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is ‘cos Katy Perry is locked in another legal battle with a sick elderly person over property, according to reports in the Daily Mail.

Yep, Katy and her hubby Orlando Bloom — who once had a property squabble with nuns that was so intense, one of the nuns’ last words were “Katy Perry, please stop” — are now legally biffing with *checks notes* a dying veteran and the relative of a Real Housewives star. Have been for the last three years, in fact.

Carl Westcott, a veteran and father-in-law to Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott, previously sued the A-list couple’s business agent, alleging he was tricked into selling his USD$15 million (AUD$23.6 million) mansion.

The allegations are that in 2020, Wescott — who is bedridden and suffers from Huntington’s disease, which affects memory loss like dementia or Alzheimer’s — signed a real estate contract to sell his home to Perry while he was under the effects of painkillers after surgery. When they wore off days later, he alleged that he realised what he had signed away and rescinded the contract.

Perry and Bloom then entered a three-year legal battle to fight this and are also now demanding millions in compensation, according to court documents obtained by

Westcott’s son Court, along with his Real Housewives star missus, have now hit out at Perry in a video that has been obtained by the publication.

Court said his father — who he described as “an American hero” who went from “rags to riches” — doesn’t want “to spend the last few years of his life fighting Katy and Orlando.”

They even brought up the 2015 battle with nuns, with Kameron adding: “Katy and Orlando have done this before – they sued the nuns. This is a pattern.

“[Westcott] is in a vulnerable state and they attacked him, they tricked him,” she claimed.

She said: “It’s been a lot of pressure on the family and its been a lot to handle.

“It sucks. He doesn’t deserve to be going through this, that’s for sure… He wants to live in his home and be comfortable and be surrounded by his family for the last days that he is alive.”

Court said his father has been in “memory care” for the past two and a half years and “could die any day,” adding that he “said goodbye” to his father before arriving in LA to fight it in court.

Kameron added: “This is absolutely disturbing. There is just no compassion here. It’s heartless. It’s just so sad.”

Addressing Perry and Bloom, the reality star added: “I would say to them we’re not afraid and we are here to fight in his honour.

“We are going to do what is right – and what is right is standing up for someone who was taken advantage [of].

“We need to look out for our elders and we need to be kinder to them and protect them – and hope that this never happens to anybody else.”

Kameron told Radar Online that the ongoing legal drama has placed a great deal of stress on the family, particularly in the lead-up to the the highly-anticipated courtroom showdown.

She said her marriage “has been affected” as they try to work through the legal drama as well as Westcott’s ailing health.

Damn, I think now is a good time to revive Real Housewives of Dallas, whataya reckon Bravo?