Karen O’s New Solo / Side Project – Native Korean Rock & The Fishnets

Karen O has embarked on a side project – “Native Korean Rock & The Fishnets”

Not entirely sure if there is other contributors bar herself, but my hunch is telling me that “Native Korean Rock & The Fishnets” is essentially just an extravagant 11-piece-NYC-All-Star-collective-experimental-asian-fusion-orchestra-esque colophon for her solo gig.

Karen O penned the following on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ blog:

“Native Korean Rock is a side project of mine comprised of a body of love songs written over the last two years, to be performed with a motley crew of NYC natives. Expect high drama, high stakes in two intimate performances.

Does Native Korean Rock have anything to do with Yeah Yeah Yeahs? NO

Are these the leaked demos of years ago? NO”

Suss/Listen here + If you’re in NYC tonight suss:

Upcoming Shows 21 Jul 2008 8:00 UNION POOL Brooklyn, New York

I’m finding it really hard to remember that I’m not listening to new YYY’s though, but I’m thinking I won’t be the only one who’s brain does that to them.