Listen To Karen O’s new tracks live…

In the light of Nick Zinner’s new side project it seems that those in the YYY’s camp are keeping themselves busy whilst recording their third LP.

We told y’all about Karen O’s new side project “Native Korean Rock” yesterday, well NPR have gone on to play their debut show which some punter has put on youtube. Hooray for the internet. Now we can all check out the new tracks and fall in love with Karen O all over again, this time in nautical garb.

If we go through the history of her “looks” we can see Karen maturing with each album. “Fever To Tell” Karen O was all about the ripped stockings and could be best described as art-punk meets hyperactive indie kid. “Show Your Bones” Karen O still had the Christian Joy designed dresses, they were just a little more structured like a colour happy Gareth Pugh, she also had that mad bowl cut thing. The latest incarnation of Karen’s style is something I like to call demure fisherman’s wife steez. By the next album she’ll only wear black and dress for comfort. The clips are below…

This one is called “Day Goes By”

This one is called “Comes The Night”