Kanye West Makes Me Cringe

Seriously Kanye we know you’re heartbroken but are you brain dead as well?

Kanye’s a sub par MC at best, a fact that I choose to ignore under his considerable skills as a producer. But now that West has embraced autotune and skittering electronica his lyrics (which are worse than ever) are bought right to the fore. Not even a mountain of production could hide how bad these lyrics are. This is awkward year 7 poetry. This is the first draft of the first love letter you ever wrote. This is a junior copywriter penning his first Hallmark card. This is emailing when you’re drunk. This is just terrible.

How can West call himself a perfectionist if he’s putting out tracks like this – with lyrics like those? A mountain of predictable platitudes with no emotional core sung through emotion stripping autotune. And just like that I don’t give a shit about anything he has to say. I’d rather stab myself in the heart than listen to an album’s worth of this half-baked cringe-inducing trite.

Does anyone else share my disdain with the most over-hyped man in music?

Check out the filmclip for new track “Heartless” below and tell me he wasn’t smoking crack when he wrote those lyrics…

Image by: Pierre Suu via Getty

Heartless from kwest on Vimeo.