Kanye West Gives DONDA Design Lecture To Harvard Graduate School Of Design

Mild-mannered college dropout and Donda West’s favourite son, the quiet achiever with untold potential Kanye West, conquered his fear of public speaking earlier today after delivering a tutorial presentation he worked on all night for an audience consisting of his dream classmates’ smartphone screens at the Harvard Graduate School of Design
West was joined in person by DONDA Creative Director Virgil Abloh, whose Instagram preserving a moment in time worth more than the one thousand words West delivered described the talk as part of “the Donda design lecture series #yeezustour.”
You can find video of the speech here, in which Yeezy expounds on why “everything needs to actually be ‘architected’”, talks creative self-realisation with Oprah and elucidates the power and importance of good ideas.
Kim Kardashian West was also there but, from the looks of her vantage point, wasn’t actually allowed all the way inside Harvard grounds for obvious reasons
Those obvious reasons being that the venue had exceeded capacity due to West’s overwhelming popularity with members of the Design School student body and not because she’s a dummy and Harvard have a zero dummies admittance policy. 
Congratulations Kanye.
via Virgil AblohKim Kardashian on Instagram