Kanye Jumps In Lake During Surprise Armenian Gig, Police Shut It Down

Kim, Kanye and Khloe are on a trip to Armenia right now, to see some sights and get in touch with the Kardashian family roots, but just for the hell of it, Kanye decided to throw a massive, free concert by Swan Lake in Yerevan.

Kim took to Twitter to announce the show, effectively making everyone who is not currently in the immediate vicinity of Yerevan seethe with jealous rage.
Fans, honoured that he would even show up to this lake shit, proceeded to go nuts and apeshit as he opened his short set with ‘Stronger’, followed by ‘Jesus Walks’, ‘Power’, ‘Touch The Sky’ and ‘All Of The Lights’.
Things became hectic during ‘Good Life’, when Kanye jumped into the lake and encouraged fans to follow. Police shut the show down soon after, but it’s fair to say everyone had a pretty memorable time.

You can see a recording of the show here, with the action kicking off around the 45-minute mark:

Water from the lake in question is already on sale for a very reasonable price:
via MTV
Photo: Dave Kotinski via Getty Images