Kanye Ditches Sacramento Show After 3 Songs & An Angry Spiel About Beyoncé

Truly, Trump‘s America has already begun to make fools of us all.

In Kanye West‘s first show since he pledged that he woulda voted for Trump – if he’d voted – the bloke came out to greet Sacramento 90 minutes late, brought Kid Cudi out on the stage, played a total of three songs, went on a trademark Kanye spiel, then mic-dropped the hell outta there.
Take a looksie at today’s entry in the Kanye Hall of Fame, which he used to rip into Beyoncé:

He accused Beyoncé of refusing to perform at the MTV VMAs if she didn’t win the award for video of the year, and also claimed that he still hasn’t spoken to Jay-Z on the phone.
He challenged the press to “have a field day” writing passive-aggressive articles about him, then ended the show abruptly and fucked off the stage. Well, I’m writing about it, so he got it.

Sacramento fans are extremely not keen. A “Fuck Kanye” chant started as soon as the house lights came back up. But hey, at least they got to see the Kid Cudi beef end, so there’s that.

Folks, this is a helluva long beginning to the 2020 campaign.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.