Justin Bieber Offers To Be “Hype Man” For The V. Disgruntled Aaron Carter

Justin Bieber has extended a loving olive branch to disgruntled pop star Aaron Carter, who yesterday complained that Bieber and his peers “NEVER paid [him] homage“.

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Come on, don’t pretend you don’t remember Carter: the kid who was all cute/dreamy and age-appropriate considering the age of his handsome Backstreet Boy brother Nick, and who to this day remains uncomfortably in love with another (pre-)teen icon from his time, Hilary Duff.

In a series of tweets directed only into the universe, no direct @ (but like of course Carter has a Google Alert on his own name, yeah?), Bieber spoke about his profound respect for his pop forefather.

Because when Bieber was seven he was presumably crooning along with every song on Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) just like the rest of us. He ends the really quite sweet  tweet with: “if you need a hype man I got you.

In a follow-up tweet he sends Carter both support and love. “All love over here Aaron.

Yesterday when spurred on by a fan about never reaching Biebs’ level of success, Carter snapped: “I’ve been in this industry [since] before he was born… I paved the way. These kids have NEVER paid me homage.” Woah Nelly. Calm down, Aaron. No need to be so touchy.

Ultimately Carter sent his love back to Biebs, because well, you’d only look like a dick if you dug your heels in re: who-kicked-off-the-pop-wunderkid thing: “I appreciate your support means a lot. Nothing but love bro.

Pls dear God, hook up a collab. I need an ‘I Want Candy‘/’What Do You Mean?‘ mash-up.