Please Judge The Hell Out Of The P.TV Office’s Favourite Tracks Of May

Well would you look at that, we’re at the end of another month. May is ending and it’s almost June (Jesus Christ, what the hell) and the weather’s cooling down faster than a footy player in an ice bath.

So what have us idiots in the PEDESTRIAN.TV offices across the country (read: Sydney and Melbourne) been spinning non-stop for this month of May? Well when it’s not back to back blue-light disco bangers or Mel‘s favourite “70s Hour“, we’ve been pumping these fantastic artists.

Divert all incoming calls, cancel your afternoon appointments, and skip that shit lecture you really weren’t going to go to anyway, and get stuck into these tasty aural morsels.

Heliar – Mazy 

My sister’s best friend’s boyfriend (lololol what a wild ride that is) has a band called Mazy and they’ve just started getting Triple J traction, but they’re extremely good and bloody deserve the hype they’re starting to get. Their tunes are dreamy as hell, think Tame Impala vibes, you know?

– Melissa, Senior Style Editor

Fuckin’ N’ Rollin’ – Phantastic Ferniture

Phantastic Ferniture is the wonderful Julia Jacklin‘s side project. It’s got all of the JJ charm, but feels that little bit more carefree. They’ve been around the Sydney traps for a while and have just released their breezy new single. Ooft, that bass line.

– Kylie, Senior Creative Projects Manager

Tarlo – Triple One Official

These guys are really good friends of mine called Triple One. They’ve been making music and doing shows for a little while now, but just recently have really stepped up their game. Their sound is way crisper and defined now, with each of them bringing something to the table that sets them so far apart from any hip-hop act I’ve ever heard. They can go from insanely hard to so darn catchy in no time at all, and they’re legit the funniest dudes. Forreal follow them on Instagram and watch all their music videos, they’re so gold.

Also, not to hate on Aussie hip-hop, but if you’re like “ah I don’t like Aussie hip-hop then that rule absolutely will not apply here. This isn’t regular Aussie hip-hop, no joke. Jump on them now before they get huge because I know they will be.

– Jack, Project Coordinator

(*disclaimer. Jack has told me this video is a piss-take of videos just like this. These dudes are not really like this, promise.)

Lose Yourself – Parkwood

I’ve been heavily into the latest stuff by a Melbourne band called Parkwood. The opener of their debut EP Close to Home is a song called ‘Lose Yourself’, which is straight up fast, punky and intense from the word go. It never fails to pump me up, which is why I’ve been cranking it on the way to work in the mornings.

The band aren’t reinventing the wheel with their brand of melodic hardcore, but they’ve refined it to the point of perfection. The song is well written and purposeful, packing a punch both lyrically and sonically. I honestly can’t wait to see what these come out with next.

For fans of Ambleside, Defeater, Counterparts etc.

– Matt, Tech & Gaming Editor

Aliens – Slowly, Slowly

If you’ve ever had a hankering for perfectly-baked melancholic punk reminiscent of bands like Jimmy Eat World but with the Aussie endearing nature of Kisschasy, then Melbourne‘s Slowly Slowly are 100% a go-to. I honestly haven’t heard tracks that slap hard like this in a while; every song is so tight and brings back very strong memories of being a teenager and discovering bands like The Early November and Saosin.

They four-piece have played alongside bands like my good and favourite boys Luca Brasi, as well as Ceres and The Story So Far, so if you’re into bands like them as well as Microwave and Sorority Noise, get around ’em.

– Courtney, Music & Culture Editor

Comatose – Leroy Francis

I’ve been told I’m only allowed to choose one song, so I have. But really I’d like to express my love for the entire debut EP S.O.R.E from Sydney‘s Leroy Francis. It’s a warm collection of fuzz-drenched tracks that feels both groovy and romantic. He’s got some pretty unique vocals and the glimmering guitars will have you hooked. It’s a little bit Ariel Pink, a little bit Ty Segall, and for now, firmly on repeat.

– Kylie, Senior Creative Projects Manager

Wish – Alien Ant Farm

Yes, Alien Ant Farm. Yes, a deep cut from their 2001 debut album ‘ANThology’ (Ant. Get it?). And yes, a tune not even in the top 5 on this album that got nowhere near the credit it deserved at the time thanks to a godforsaken Michael Jackson cover that, while undeniably great, cast a shadow that the band would never truly shake.

A tune that features one of the worst-sounding kick-drum fills you’ll ever hear in its intro riff; it sounds like a one-legged goat trying to fly-kick an ice cream bucket.

A tune that, to my knowledge, is the only song in alternative music history to lyrically feature the word “succotash.”

A tune that pushes no boundaries, showcases only a rudimentary songwriting ability, and thanks to its janky chord structure, is almost impossible to even push-mosh to.

Why have I been listening to it virtually on repeat for the past month? Your guess is as good as mine.

– Cam, Senior News Editor

Wide Awake – Parquet Courts

I have been pumping it all month. These guys get me going like no one else. The perfect balance of Short Fast Loud meets post-ish punk lyrical genius.
Their recent single performance of Wide Awake on Ellen was a sign that they are really blowing up in the alt-rock/pop listening space, and I’m stoked about it. The more people that get to listen to these genies the better!

If there’s just one reason to listen to this sure to be classic it’s this – the opening track of the album Total Football closes out with lead vox A. Savage screaming “And FUCK TOM BRADY”, I agree I guess?

-Sam, Videographer

Biggest Fool In The World – FRITZ

Dreamy, fuzzy, shoegazey pop from Newcastle, there’s literally nothing bad that I can say about FRITZ. The brand new video for ‘Biggest Fool In The World’ is so great and adorable and fills a void in my heart that I didn’t know even existed.

– Courtney, Music & Culture Editor