Jay-Z, Kanye and Rihanna Run This Town

Jay-Z goes from a “yellow wrist watch and Gucci flip flops” to Maison Martin Margiela in the clip for Run This Town the Rihanna and Kanye backed “obvious first single” from his forthcoming Blueprint 3.

The video has a post-apocalyptic bounty hunter vibe and with the proliferation of black attired, torch toting youths we’d happily call it a cross between Mad Max and The Warriors except with a healthy wardrobe budget. Actually we’re kinda disappointed Rihanna doesn’t scream “can you dig it?!” in the breakdown. Though not as instantly infectious as Umbrella expect the chest-pumping swagga of Run This Town to soundtrack every pre-club gathering this Summer. If our predictions are correct approximately 50% of the human population will have mouthed “who’s gonna run this town tonight?” while pointing at themselves with both thumbs by the end of the year.