Jay-Z Confirms Role As Producer of ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack With Modern Twist

Just like the Six Degrees of Kevin Norwood Bacon rule, everyone knows somebody who has a finger in Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby pie – a pie made mostly of fingers, with a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of 3D.

My friend is an extra in like all the scenes;” “I saw Tobey Maguire eating a sandwich;” “I made uninterrupted eye contact with Joel Edgerton at a café even though he was wearing sunglasses;” “I ate ice cream with Leo in his penthouse but left before things got weird.” Like moonshine liquor, close encounters of the Gatsby kind are both intoxicating, a dime a dozen and pair nicely with food.
Bereft of his own and desperately hoping for one so he can break ice at parties, noted introvert Jay-Z has confirmed the role we guessed he already had as executive producer of and contributor to the official soundtrack for Luhrmann’s anachronistic adaptation of The Gr8 G@$by.
Just casually, Hov released a statement overnight regarding his role in the two year collaboration; a fortuitous tale that describes a chance meeting with Lurhmann arranged by mutual friend and titular star Leonardo DiCaprio.
As soon as I spoke with Baz and Leonardo, I knew this was the right project.

‘The Great Gatsby’ is that classic American story of one’s introduction to extravagance, decadence and illusion[ati]. It’s ripe for experimentation and ready to be interpreted with a modern twist,” said Jay-Z in a statement that sounded uncannily like he was reading from his Rap Genius bio.
As both executive producer and contributor of original music (“Phreshest shirts like I ain’t eer seen befo/She sobbed, muffled in the folds“) Jay-Z will work with Luhrmann’s iconic composer Craig Armstrong (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!) and has invited a coterie of likeminded artists to contribute to the OST with their take on the film’s “modern jazz age energy.” Lana Del Rey, for example, has already heavy-handedly hinted at having written a love song for Carey Mulligan’s character, Daisy.
Jay-Z will also attend the film’s red carpet premiere at the opening of Cannes on May 15th, some five days after it makes its society debut in The States.
The soundtrack will be released on Interscope Records in alignment with the film but you’ll have to wait until May 30th to hear it. 
Meanwhile, sassy famous baby Blue Ivy is already so ovah it.
via Reuters
Image by: Ronald Martinez via Getty