Jay-Z Repents His Cardinal Sins To Queen Bey In ‘Family Feud’ Teaser Clip

Jay-Z, the noted rapper, producer, and man-who-dared-cheat-on-Beyoncé, has dropped a teaser trailer for the upcoming video to ‘Family Feud’, which is known to lyrically address his infidelity in his relationship with Queen Bey.

The clip is heavy on the vibe of confession and repentance, where Jay-Z winds up in a confession booth with Beyoncé – in a very powerful, matriarchal black dress – seated beyond the partition, where the priest typically sits and forgives the deepest of sins.

Flicking between Jay-Z walking hand-in-hand with daughter Blue-Ivy through an elaborate church and steamy scenes of someone who looks a lot like a young Jay-Z doing the dirty with someone who definitely isn’t a Beyoncé body double (Becky, is that you?), it looks like the full video will be played out like a plea for Bey to forgive Jay-Z for his history of cheating.

The full clip is out of Tidal on the 29th in the States (so the 30th for us future-dwellers), so we might be able to see it in the rest of the internet sometime in 2018 I guess.

Peep the teaser below and try to tell me that Bey isn’t heaving sobs in the confessional right at the end there.