We Got Jaguar Jonze To Perform Her Track ‘Astronaut’ With An Orchestra & Here Come The Chills
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Brisbane-based indie artist Jaguar Jonze has truly trailblazed the Australian music industry over the course of the last year. On top of writing moody alt-rock songs that harken to the golden era of brooding 90s indie, she’s also a visual artist and photographer too – in short, she’s an immense overachiever and the definition of a slashie.

Considering live events were few and far between last year, we teamed up with Jack Daniel’s to produce unforgettable behind the scenes moments with the ‘Make It Count series. Jack Daniel’s are passionate about supporting live music and have a long-standing history with the music scene – there’s really no better partner to collab with in bringing together the best in Aus music talent with incredible locations to perform their tracks in ways we’ve never seen before, making their moment count.

We hooked Jaguar Jonze up with an orchestra to perform her single ‘Astronaut’ at the Angel Place City Recital Hall in the heart of Sydney, and the results were truly gorgeous (if we do say so ourselves).

Astronaut is a song she wrote around 4 years ago, reflecting on her anxiety and feelings that she was too scared to share at the time.

“Jaguar Jonze is ferocious, powerful and doesn’t let anyone push her over,” said Jaguar on her artistry that’s developed from strength to strength over the years.

You can watch the captivating performance here:

“The day I stop being nervous is the day I stop caring about it. I’ve never played in a venue like that,” she said, reflecting on the experience of playing with the orchestra.

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