Watch PNAU’s Sam Littlemore Mentor Oz Indie Newbies PIRRA In Our New ‘Behind The Scene’ Series

The music industry is notoriously tough to crack. For up and coming artists, the ins and outs of the biz can be especially difficult to navigate without a trusted, guiding voice leading the way.

We’ve recently partnered with Jack Daniel’s to launch a new video series called ‘Behind The Scene’, which sees the burgeoning Wollongong-based indie-pop-rock act PIRRA buddy up with Australian electronic music legend Sam Littlemore to offer some sage advice around songwriting and production. Jack Daniel’s have a long history and legacy supporting the music scene and are passionate about bringing people together to create incredible live performances, so having them on board to help Aussie artists thrive is truly a match made in heaven.

PIRRA have been playing together for the last four years, and have since crafted their own unique brand of ultra-danceable indie-pop-rock that’s found them on lineups alongside Jaguar Jonze, Diddirri, Georgia June and more.

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about writing a hit and having an impact on the industry, it’s Sam. He’s been one half of the creative force behind PNAU for the last two decades and has also worked on records and produced for artists like Gwen Stefani, Peking Duk, The Potbeleez, Jess Kent, and so many more.

In the first episode of the series, Sam and the band meet in the studio and dive straight into working on their new track, ‘Never Apart’. It’s a soaring, luscious banger that’ll absolutely elevate to its full potential at the next festival it’s played at, glistening with pulsating synths and an ethereal vocal melody.

“My goal is to put them in the best possible position to crossover into an international audience,” said Sam, discussing how he plans to help mould PIRRA’s infectious sound and take it to the next level.

“They should be super confident, their records are great”.

You can suss out the entire first episode here.

Over the next two episodes we’ll get a further look into the special sauce Sam injects into the track, and how the band go about taking on his feedback to shape the song into an unbeatable tune.