Ja Rule Issues Apology To Fyre Festival Caterer But Not In Money Form

Let’s not get it twisted in any way here: Despite the insight the duelling documentaries have given into the catastrophically disastrous Fyre Festival, in no way are the people who willingly gave money to Ja Rule – a man whose past six years are covered on his Wikipedia page under the meekly-titled “release from prison and new music (2013 – Present)” – to be viewed as sympathetic. It’s absolutely still funny that a bunch of far-too-rich kids willingly let themselves be hopelessly trapped on a tiny hell island eating prison sandwiches because some slick showman promised them all Blink-182 and Instagram models.

That’s still funny. That will never be not funny.

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What’s significantly less good is the trail of destruction and despair Fyre Festival wreaked on the local inhabitants of its tropical location.

One such resident, Maryann Rolle, was heavily featured in Netflix‘s much-talked about documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

By now you’re probably all aware that a tearful Rolle claimed the festival left her personally US$50,000 out of pocket, after promoter Billy McFarland‘s almost-mythical financial empire crumbled with the festival leaving scores of local contractors without pay.

Ja Rule has also seen the documentary, it would seem, and was also moved by the plight befallen on Rolle as a result of his failed festival.

As a result, Rule reached out to Rolle via Instagram and issued a sincere public apology.

I mean, he didn’t offer to repay her any of the dollars lost as a result of his cursed event or anything.

But still. He said “sorry.”


My heart goes out to this lovely lady… Maryann Rolle we’ve never met but I’m devastated that something that was meant to be amazing [turned] out to be such a disaster and hurt so many ppl… SORRY to anyone who has been negatively [affected] by the festival… Rule.

Might just be me but you could probably be more effectively sorry with yr wallet there, champ.

A successful GoFundMe has raised in excess of US$150,000 for Rolle as punters dig deep to help her recoup her losses and get local workers paid.