Ja Rule Swears Ja Rule Was Also A Victim Of Ja Rule’s Failed Fyre Festival

Ja Rule, the rapper who gained infamy as co-founder of the doomed Fyre Festival, has spent his entire evening on Twitter defending himself against allegations of fraudulent behaviour related to that shitshow of an event.

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In a series of tweets, the muso downplayed his involvement in the festival and his relationship with Fyre mastermind Billy McFarland, who is currently serving six years in federal prison after being found guilty of committing fraud to the tune of USD $26 million.

Referencing the two recently-released documentaries on Fyre Festival, Ja Rule said neither film presented the full truth – and that he “would NEVER SCAM or FRAUD anyone”.

Ja Rule – who was never charged in relation to the scam, but found himself named in a USD $100 million class action lawsuit filed against Fyre Media –  turned his attention to more specific allegations laid out in the Netflix documentary FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

While some have written of the losses incurred by many Fyre attendees and investors as a small blow to people who have money to burn, viewers have expressed their sympathy for the scores of Bahaman contractors who were left unpaid after the island festival’s collapse.

Ja Rule insisted it was McFarland’s fault that locals, like restaurateur Maryann Rolle, were left out of pocket when everything went to hell.

He continued to assert his innocence, and claimed he was wronged along with everyone else even tangentially related to the event.

After criticising the Netflix documentary for its close involvement with Fyre social media team FuckJerry, and Hulu‘s doco for its relationship with McFarland, Ja Rule said he’ll come out with his own truth soon enough.

It’s a big claim for someone who used a Fyre Media conference call to argue the organisation was potentially liable for “false advertising” over fraud, but hey: if the documentaries have taught us anything, it’s to inherently trust anyone with an outsized sense of self-assurance.