Indie Folk Heroes Bon Iver Are Planning *Something* In Melbourne Tonight

Psst. Hey kid. Wanna see somethin’ cool?

Indie folk heroes Bon Iver are bloody up to something on our golden shores, and whatever it is it’s happening tonight in Melbourne. The band posted a cheeky lil teaser on Instagram last night.

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The address they indicate in the post has had a mural on its exterior wall since August which teases 22, A Million, the band’s first album since 2011. Similar murals have popped up all over the world for the past couple of months.
Here’s the address and its cryptic cover art.
Are we getting a cheeky Bon Iver show in sunny Melbourne, apropos of nothing? Almost certainly not. If you take a stab at their Insta right now, you’ll see similar posts for a number of cities across the globe on September 29th (that’s today, Sherlock).
Bon Iver have powerful hipster energies, but even that is not enough to perform that many gigs across the United States, Australia and Europe.
What’s happening instead? We’ll have to wait and see, but a report from a local station in the band’s home state of Wisconsin suggests that the new album – slated for release tomorrow – will be played from loudspeakers in the town of Eau Claire starting at 9am. Looks like this might be a global listening party.
So if you’re keen for the primal acoustic heraldry of the good folk of Bon Iver… and you live in Melbourne… then haul ass down to 121 Johnston St, Fitzroy at 6:30pm, ya gronks.
Source: Instagram.
Photo: Getty Images.