That Bon Iver Gig Was A Listening Party On A Tiny Boombox In A Melb Laneway

Oh, bless you Melbourne
Much to the delight of everyone’s hype sensors, indie rock champions of the world Bon Iver posted some cryptic stuff on their Instagram yesterday.
It was about 20 posts like this, all in different cities around the world: including Melbs

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No one quite knew what was up; considering just how many cities were all holding the event at similar times, it seemed fkn impossiblé that the surprise could be live gigs. 
Album preview? More likely. But we were all excited, despite not having a clue what was happening. 
Turns out it was indeed a pre-release listening party for Bon Iver’s new album ’22, A Million
Despite the fact the album leaked last week, bucketloads of people flocked to the listening party/launches in Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Brooklyn, LA, Melbourne and more. 
We’re not quite sure how it went down in those other cities, but the Victoria event may truly have been the most peak Melbs thing we’ve ever seen. 
Why? Well, because the album was played in a laneway. On a tiny boombox. On cassette. 


While this seems like a strangely historical moment, complete with what looks like gluten-free popcorn, some punters weren’t at all happy with the proceedings. 
Attendees also received a ‘paper’ – seemingly a large A3 newspaper/magazine to complement the album – at the event:
However, it seems like it was a bit of a shitfight to get one, and there’s comments on Bon Iver‘s Insta complaining that many people didn’t receive a copy.

So yeah, some punters seemed a bit mad. And especially considering Melbs was also pissing down with rain last night, a tiny boombox might not have enough to keep the Bon Iver fiends satisfied.
Nah, actually… that’s not true. Y’all are still frothing. 

Bon Iver’s new album ’22, A Million’ is out today. 

Source: Instagram.
Photo: Twitter / @jstorycarter.