Much like how towards the end of the 1997 cinematic masterpiece ‘Batman & Robin‘, where former enemies Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze put aside their differences and name-calling to team up to more effectively spread their evil across Gotham City, two of the most probbo musicians around, Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks have reportedly ditched their incredibly long-running beef to collab on new music.

And we’re not just talking about a couple of lamb chops worth of beef here either friends, the Azalea/Azealia feud, which feels like it has been going for decades at this point, is a veritable slaughterhouse full of grade-A wagyu sirloins.

The fact that anyone in the industry at all is chill to work with controversy magnet and cognitive dissonance champion Azealia Banks, is enough to have us shook, but yep, good ol’ Igloo Australia straight up posted the facts to her Snapchat account yesterday so it looks pretty legit:

eighth greatest export (I estimate) also followed up the news with some tweets which confirm this insane pairing is indeed going down:

Azalea’s album ‘Digital Distortion’ was supposed to drop last month, but due in part to how shithouse her first two singles ‘Mo Bounce‘ and ‘Switch‘ went, the LP has been pushed back to an unknown new release date. Fkn lol.

We wait with the least bated breath of all time for this one, folks. I mean, at least the pair can bond in the studio over their shared experiences of dishing out blatant homophobia, so that’s neat.

Source: Twitter. 

Photo: Chelsea Lauren & Jason Merritt / Getty.