Azealia Banks Is Slaying Iggy Azalea On Twitter RN

The inexplicable failure of a grand jury to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for his role in the death of Eric Garner as the result of a barbaric and long-prohibited chokehold has given rise to widespread outpourings of grief and protest in equal measure both across America and globally on social media over the course of the day. Garner’s name and affiliated hashtags like #ICantBreathe and #BlackLivesMatter are trending; so too is ‘Igloo Australia’, which for once is not an Australia-wide plea for air conditioning.
That last one can be attributed entirely to the lyrically dextrous Azealia Banks, who once again has taken aim at Mullumbimby’s most contentious export, Iggy Azalea – a rapper whose selective appropriation of Black American culture is both well-documented and, frankly, fair game when so much of her affected schtick is undoubtedly derivative of a history that is not entirely her own. 
Enter Banks:

Igloo for her part, for better or worse, has remained relatively succinct in response to Banks’ tweets and has since issued a number of missives about the pains of being a two-time dog owner during inclement weather.

These were just now followed up with more constructive responses, including:

Igloo Australia tho. lmao.

Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images