Iggy Azalea Caught in Unfortunate Act of Lip Syncing

Where were you the day the great Iggy Azalea lip syncing scandal of 2014 broke? What thoughts went through your head as you watched that grainy, amateur footage of her fateful performance? Did years of lies from the pop music industrial complex come crashing down around you, and was your world shattered as it dawned on you that Iggy and others like her maybe (definitely) often stand on stage moving their mouths while pre-recorded tracks play? Yeah, us too.
Earlier today, Gawker ran a video of Iggy performing alongside supposed new BFF Jennifer Lopez at a show in Chicago, and barely bothering to try and lip-sync over her verse. While we sorta kinda had our suspicions that Iggy sometimes performs with the aid of backing tracks – remember that time she fell off stage during the MTV VMAs pre-show while her flow continued flawlessly? – this video seems to make it pretty blatant.  
Though the video of the performance has only just come to the internet’s attention, Azalea herself addressed the incident at the time, saying in an Instagram post that there had been “technical difficulties” during the performance. Those who attended the show have likewise said that they saw the rapper fiddling with her earpiece at various times through the night, and eventually, taking the whole thing out entirely and plonking it down on the DJ’s desk.
Earlier this week, Iggy’s ‘Fancy’ was officially declared America’s song of the summer, so she’s probably not feeling too shabby about her lip syncing scandal, which may well have blown over by the end of this sentence.

Photo: Charlie Gallay via Getty Images