“I Have Yet To See A Guineafowl In The Flesh” – Guineafowl Interview

As part of the their Envision Series, Ray-Ban have been on the road with the 2013 Ray-Ban Envision Tour, which has just been super jacked-up with great Aussie musical acts and mint new sunnies. For the Australian leg of the world tour they’ve gone through Sydney, Manly and Melbourne (with Jinja Safari and Guineafowl playing Brisbane still to come). And, because they’re all about that live music life, the tour has featured artists like Matt Corby and Gold Fields.

The Envision Series is still open for entries, so if you’re keen to have your secret dream come true, check it out. Meanwhile, the Ray-Ban pop-up container that’s been on tour with the music bros houses over 300 iconic Ray-Ban styles with a container-load full of new season sunnies for you to pick up. Like, these guys.

Anyway, we had a chat with Sam ‘Guineafowl’ Yeldham about the tour and you know, just took some time to shoot the shit about life et cetera:

Have you ever seen a guineafowl in the flesh?

I have yet to see a guineafowl in the flesh. When I was playing some shows in the States, the organiser of a guineafowl appreciation festival invited me to come and play. Sadly I could not fit it in, as my trip was only brief, and I regret not going every single day.

Do you ever miss the vibe of recording by yourself in your bedroom?

I still record in my bedroom, I don’t think I will ever not; the gear is a little bit better these days! Though, I do miss recording in my old apartment in Bondi. It was above an antique store and it was an incredible space, sure it was falling apart and I had to stop recording to hear people move furniture but It was still rad.

Are there any intense/amazing fan interaction stories you can share?

Excluding the guineafowl appreciation festival invite… People’s interpretation of my lyrics is always an enjoyable. I have had a few folks chat to me after a show about what the lyrics to certain songs mean and what they are referring to. I have yet to have lyrics tattooed on anyone, perhaps my lyrics are not bad ass enough for that,

Any dream collaborators you would love to work with?

I feel like I usually give a pretty typical answer when asked this: David Bowie, or Prince, or someone massively impossible like that. I did happen to get to work with Paul Mac on my most recent EP and that was pretty special. I would like to also work with Daniel Johns, to keep things even.

Is there an album on the way?

Eternally. I have written a lot of material in my time away from performing. That will certainly form the basis for a debut album. You only get one though, right? So, I kind feel like I should make it count.

You’ve said before that you’re a big fan of Sydney, what would 24 hours in your hometown look like? Where would you recommend people go if they’re only visiting for a day?

Something like this – breakfast in Bronte, then maybe a swim – walk to Bondi (maybe even a bike ride if one has/can steal a bike) – bus to the city – The Museum of Contemporary Art – bus back to Surry Hills – lunch somewhere there – fall asleep in Hyde park for a few hours then find somewhere cheap to eat dinner, preferably Bar Reggio if you can actually get a table, and finish the night off with seeing a band on Oxford Street.

How do you feel about the Sydney live music scene at the moment?

I am just getting back into the game, but I feel like it’s stronger then ever. Darlinghurst has a lot of good venues at the moment, big rooms with big systems that sound great. Iconic venue closures are very distressing, especially when I grew up seeing bands and playing in them, but more venues seem to be popping up all the time.

What was your favourite record of 2013?

Kirin J CallinanEmbracism.

What’s your NY resolution?

I haven’t thought of one yet. It’s been a long and full-on year so, I think when New Years happens, I will be just looking forward to being on the other side!

For more info on the Envision Tour head here
and if you’re keen to check out Guineafowl, head along to:

Reddacliff Place, 6 Queens Street, Brisbane

7.30pm to 8.30pm

Saturday the 30th November, 2013