Eve, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne & More Cop Heat On A Hip Hop Ep Of ‘Mean Tweets’

Folks, it’s Friday. It is TGIF Friday. The blessed day. The Fryest Day. The end of the week. The ole’ POETS Day. Which means it’s time for Friday Content, aka the best content of all. And there ain’t no Friday Content more Friday or more Content than when Jimmy Kimmel blesses us with a fresh edition of Mean Tweets.

[jwplayer hAS3Rulj]

While he’s just about covered every corner of the pop culture sphere with the recurring segment before, today Kimmel does arguably the most just and good thing of all by pulling an all-Hip Hop version of the skit.

This time around, in comes the likes of EveLil WayneDJ KhaledTy Dolla $ignLil YachtyWaleTyler the Creator, AwkwafinaAnderson Paak, and a whole host of others to read out the horrid shit that random individuals spout off at them on the reg via the utter garbage website known as Twitter.

As usual, it’s a spattering of abject abuse with the occasional incredibly good call thrown in for good measure.

Mean as they may be, there’s no denying that that Yo Gotti burn is a good-ass line.

That’s why they call it a roast. Because when it’s done right it’s pretty yum.