Hilary Duff Teases New Bops With Studio Selfie & It Better Be A ‘Metamorphosis’ 2, Mom

Hilary Duff has teased new music, posting an elusive studio selfie with fiancé Matthew Koma today that has rightfully sent stans into a frenzy.

[jwplayer wpZPnsHa]

Here’s the impetus for today’s Duff frenzy:

Now, let’s dive straight into the various theories.

Theory 1: Lizzie Bops. With the Lizzie McGuire revival in the works, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to hypothesise that ol’ mate Hils is working on some slap-worthy bops for the show’s soundtrack. (Check out the latest pics from the Lizzie McGuire set HERE, if you fancy.)

Theory 2: Hilary is in the midst of creating one of the most sonically pleasing bodies of music that we’ve ever heard, second only to Metamorphosis, the greatest album of the 21st century (obviously).

Theory 3: Hilary just froths taking selfies in front of microphones with headphones on, is actual sitting in silence and isn’t working on anything at all. This would mean that she enjoys ruining our lives with prolonged anticipation and ultimate disappointment… but we know our queen would never do that to us… so this theory is unlikely. Sorry I even brought it up. (I just live for some drama.)

Either way…

While we wait in eager anticipation, let’s continue our valiant activism to get Metamorphosis on streaming services. I’ve had it. Officially.