THE DAY HAS COME: Hilary Duff’s ‘Metamorphosis’ Is Now On Spotify

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT TO EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON PLANET EARTH: After years of unsatisfied streaming, our collective prayers have been answered and Hilary Duff‘s debut studio album Metamorphosis has finally been made available to stream on Spotify. This is it. Nothing will ever be more exciting (or satisfying) than this moment. It’s all downhill from here. And I’m okay with out.

The streaming platform added the most iconic album of all time (period) last week, and the world is understandably emotional:

Now let’s go back (back to the beginning) to discuss why this moment is so joyous for me, personally. I’ve been campaigning for Metamorphosis to be on the streaming app since May of last year, writing about the injustice HERE, HERE and HERE.

This is a win for my 8-year-old bussy-popping self, for my homosexuality (which stemmed entirely from listening to tracks such as “Party Up”, “The Math”, “Love Just Is”) and for my future self, who can experience many a Metamorphosis shower session.

But I, alone, cannot be praised nor recognised for galvanising such momentous change, for I was simply a single, humble soldier, fighting on the frontlines alongside thousands of other brave soldiers.

The struggle seems so yesterday but, at the same time, the hard work and perseverance displayed by us Hilary stans during the darkest of days (when we had to resort to shitty, pirated, Limewire-quality versions on YouTube) will be forever eternal.

We did this.

Aaaaand just in time for Mardi Gras? The timing is impeccable. Homosexuals and people with taste, rejoice.

Behold, the most iconic track listing now in a palatable, streamable format.

The rain has officially fallen down, my dreams have officiated been wakened.