Here’s Everything We Know About Beyoncé’s World Tour, Incl. Aussie Odds

If you’re anything like the PEDESTRIAN.TV team, you’re still listening to and playing Beyoncé‘s new banger ‘Formation’ regularly and with reckless abandon. 

“I woke up feeling shitty this morning, but then I watched the ‘Formation’ video and I was all good”Alex Bruce-Smith, News Editor
*plays ‘Formation’ every half an hour, on the half hour* – Jordana Johnson, Creative Projects Manager
“Hnnnnnnnnnnnnng!”Chloe Sargeant, News Editor
So, when Queen Bey made the first announcement of her Formation World Tour after her mind-blowingly excellent performance at the Superbowl 50, everyone completely lost their shit. Which is understandable, no?
Ughhhhhhhh, *faints*.
Here’s a round up of everything we know so far about the World Tour:
  • This is Bey’s first stadium tour solo. Ever. How have we lived without this? Its 2016, dammit. 
  • There’s 40 shows, so far.
  • The dates confirmed so far are only in the US, Canada, and the UK. But the tour will likely also head around the Europe, and there’s no confirmation on Aussie dates yet either. So far Bey’s tour website only shows gigs in US, UK & Canada. 
  • The tour begins April 27.
  • The tour is promoted worldwide by Live Nation Global Touring chairman Arthur Fogel and the Global Touring division team.
  • Ticket prices will range from $250 to $300 on the high end, down to $65.
  • Merch is already on sale. Bey doesn’t fuck around, people. 
Stuff we don’t know yet:
  • No word as of yet about who will support the Queen on any leg of her tour. 
  • Sponsors are yet to be announced.
  • But most importantly: whether we’re included. There is no confirmation as of yet about whether Bey is coming to Australia. (There’s still hope – Bey announced her Mrs. Carter World Tour in Feb 2013, but didn’t announce her Australia dates until July. THERE IS STILL HOPE.) 

We are all sleeping, eating and working with fingers tightly crossed. Please feel free to join us in praying for Aussie stops on Beyoncé‘s best and most political world tour yet.