Ohmymo’fkngod, Beyoncé‘s ‘Formation‘ tour has started.

Bey Releases ‘Boycott Beyoncé’ Tour Merch To Fuck With Haters’ Minds

As absolutely bloody excellent as this news is, the real story here is that her tour merchandise is now open to the (very) hungry public. And get this – about half of it consists of nothing more than ‘BOYCOTT BEYONCÉ‘ in giant letters.


It is, of course, a giant middle finger to the not small contingent of people who took issue with Bey’s #BlackLivesMatterSuper Bowl performance and decided to boycott her tour. Hint: SHE DOES NOT GIVE ONE SINGLE FUCK ABOUT YOU. Especially to you, Piers Morgan.

Get it while it’s hot, i.e. forever.

BTW guys the first footage from her opening performance in Miami is coming through the social media channels now, GET AROUND IT HERE.

Photo: Twitter.