WATCH: SNL Skewers White People’s Hysteria Over Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Video

So Beyoncé dropped her multiple fire emojis video for “Formation” just over a week ago, which unashamedly embraced her cultural heritage and was, by all accounts, “unapologetically black.”

The Queen Bey then followed that up with a performance during the Super Bowl Halftime Show that featured a bevy of similarly fire back-up dancers who were dressed in outfits inspired by the Black Panthers movement.
And white people? They lost their ever-loving minds over all of this.
Whilst the majority of the reaction was – obviously – overwhelmingly positive, there were some ugly parts that reared their heads in the video’s wake.
Numerous people, for some utterly bizarre reason, arced up and attempted to label Bey as a racist (HOW) for embracing her culture and pointing out the “Black Lives Matter” movement still, in fact, exists.
Hell, even notorious shitbags within Australia’s journalism industry (who we’re not naming here because fuck him) made enfeebled attempts at crying poor over Beyonce’s supposed “oppression” of the ~highly maligned~ white people and their problems.
The long and short is that everyone’s brains melted over the release of a simple music video, and Saturday Night Live took that hysterical reaction and spun it into comedy gold.
In a sketch that aired in their latest episode overnight, the SNL team perfectly skewered white people’s reaction to realising that “Beyonce is black.”

“The Day Beyoncé Turned Black”

When Beyoncé dropped Formation, the internet lost its collective mind — some more than others.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Sunday, 14 February 2016

And it should be said very firmly here, any response in the comments that whinges about “double standards,” “white people not being allowed to talk about black culture,” or “um, actually ALL lives matter” really only proves Beyonce’s, SNL’s, and just about everyone with a rational brain’s point.
The Queen stay the Queen, y’all.
Source: SNL/Facebook.