HBO Just Dropped A Straight Fire Album W/ All The Covers From ‘Westworld’

WARNING: Some spoilerishness ahead, so if you’ve not watched the final episode, well, what the fuck are you doing with your life, watch it immediately.

Hey remember how ‘Westworld‘ left on a super climactic note and we won’t have any more until 2018? Remember how we have to wait over a year to see Maeve flip out and possibly explore Samurai World and the cool other worlds implied by the existence of Samurai World? It hurts, it hurts real bad.

Nothing will fully ease the pain until season 2 hits TV, but until then we can try and distract ourselves with trifles, like an album full of all of the show’s many honky-tonk piano covers of iconic songs.
HBO already released a little tease of an EP in November (with some Radiohead, Soundgarden and The Cure covers), but this album is the real deal, with roughly 10,000 songs (well, 34) – a mix of covers and original music from the score by composer Ramin Djawadi, with such exotic titles as “Freeze All Motor Functions” and “Sweetwater Stride“.
If you want to chuck it on, close your eyes and pretend that 2018 isn’t all that far away, the whole bloody thing is up on Spotify, check it out:
Source: Pitchfork.
Photo: HBO.