Hanson MMMbop for Japan at SXSW

The once adolescent faced adolescent faced lads of Hanson are in the depths of hosting a 12-hour live web stream to raise money for Japan.

Hunkering down in Austin at this week’s SXSW festival, Hanson have been controlling the airwaves today and doing their best to fill the time by inviting a bunch guests like Michael Stipe, John Hermann of Widespread Panic and the Court Yard Hounds to converse and engage in some jamming.

The festival is a bit of a Jerusalem for the kids – they first gained attention at SXSW all those years ago. Well before they were all grown up and career hardened at the respective ages of 25, 28 and 30.

SXSW is notorious for engendering novelty ‘blast from the past’ acts like Hanson, Vanilla Ice, Bob Geldof…but a good cause is a good cause and the kids from Oklahoma have MMMbop’d their way to $91,000 raised. Good job Hanson.

The stream is taking place right now. Right here.