Ghoul Call It Quits

After four years, countless shows and two promising EPs together, A Mouthful of Gold and Dunks, Sydney four-piece Ghoul have officially called it quits. The band abruptly announced their split yesterday on Facebook saying: “RIP GHOUL. FEB 2008 – JAN 2012. Thanks for coming to shows, buying CDs and letting us post R&B videos.”

When we sat down with frontman Ivan Vizintin last year he said that a full length album was imminent: “Yeah, we’ve written about 40 demos and culled them down back to 14. And we’re in the middle of finishing those off, we’re going to do some more recording next month and hopefully, hopefully have everything wrapped up by April that would be really good. And its been really easy. Less laborious and its been a lot of fun.”

Today he tells us “No idea what’s planned next.”

Hopefully those 14 or so jams see the light of day.

R.I.P. Ghoul.