Ghoul And Seekae Share Everything

In a recent chat with Ghoul frontman Ivan Vizintin we discovered the perks of sharing a studio space with fellow genre dodgers Seekae, the possibility of a joint Ghoul/Seekae EP and how Vizintin assisted the recording of Seekae’s sophomore LP, +Dome.

Says Vizintin: “Seekae and us have a running joke that we’re gonna do an EP together. Which might or might not happen we don’t know yet, they’ve got a pretty big year with their record [coming out]. I helped them out with a bunch of recordings so I did the string recording and the drum recording on their new record which was a lot of fun. And we share a rehearsal space so we get to see each other pretty much every second day, I don’t know, hopefully something will eventuate from that.”

Last time Vizintin hooked up with Seekae they made “Wool”, the standout (and most direct) song from the latter’s debut LP The Sound Of Trees Falling On People. So yeah, you guys should totally make that collaborative EP when things have simmered down a bit.

Seekae’s sophomore LP +Dome is out March 25 via Rice Is Nice. Ghoul’s mini-LP Dunks is out now via Speak N Spell.