Get Exclusive Gig Tickets Just For Being A Good Person

Produced in association with our mates at Optus RockCorps.

Optus RockCorps are giving you the chance to see some pretty great music this year. You can’t buy a ticket or even win a ticket – you’ve gotta earn it. The initiative between – guess who? – Optus and RockCorps is part of a global movement with more than 130,000 volunteers across the planet and offers you the chance to not only make a difference in your community, but be rewarded for your efforts with money-can’t-buy live music experiences.

If you and your mates are willing to give up just four hours of your time to an approved volunteer project, you’ll be rewarded with Optus RockCorps 2015 tickets to see Raury, Wiz Khalifa, Peking Duk and The Veronicas play an exclusive gig at Luna Park Big Top on the 30th of September.

We recently had a chat with Raury, who was in the studio working on his highly anticipated new album; the genre of which he describes as a freaky delicious mix of vibes. “I’m a folk artist at heart, hip-hop in the mind and then there’s futuristic elements, they’re where I’m at in the soul,” he said. 

He’s buzzed to be returning to Australia – having last come out for Laneway, where he absolutely slaughtered it – especially for an initiative tied in with charity and giving back to the community, something he feels very strongly about. (See: Indigo Child Project).

He also told us the best piece of advice he’s ever gotten, besides that time Kanye West gave him a heads up re: how to wash your clothes on tour, which came from Andre 3000: “Fuck what everybody else wants from you, make what you want to make. That’s the job of the young and new artist. To be reckless and just do what they want with their music and express themselves and whatever is going on because you won’t have that point of view forever. You gotta go in.”

To get involved register your interest and lock in a space at a project from August 10, at

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