Can Someone Check On Flume In Iso ‘Cause He Just Blue Himself With An Eiffel 65 Remix

If you’ve been wondering how ya boy Flume is going in isolation, it’s safe to say he’s trying to not get pretty blue, if the video he shared this morning is any indication. Clearly, in the shutdown, he’s been getting inspired to tuck into some remixing and has taken a run at an Euro-pop club banger, sharing his progress on his Twitter and Insta earlier.

In his studio with his lil’ fried chicken pup Percy, Flume put his own spin on Eiffel 65‘s huge 90s club hit ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)‘ alongside a sweet little poem to them, which is also the beating heart of a new viral meme.

Look, I don’t know if Flume is attempting to follow the footsteps of Tobias Fünke here, and is pitching himself as a new member of the Blue Man Group or what but it’s certainly…an approach.

The man truly blue himself in quarantine.

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Back on that remix for a second, because fucken hell it actually sounds pretty good. Sure, it’s only a snippet and I can’t stop getting wildly distracted by the fact that Flume has literally painted his hands and face a royal blue, but when that classic Flum drop hits? Mama mia that’s a spicy meatball.

The more I think about this video as a whole though, the more I start worrying about him. Is Flume okay? Has anyone checked in on him? How long did it take for him to wash that off? Does David Cross need to give him some tips on how to get all the blue off himself? What does the Blue Man Group have to say about this? Fuck that, what does Eiffel 65 have to say about this?

I need some answers, and I also need Flume to drop this blue banger at the first Aussie set he plays once everything starts going back to normal and he can play shows again. Finish the remix, Flume. It’s what definitely don’t deserve but absolutely need.

Hell, hook up with Eiffel 65 and get them to re-record a grab that says “I’m Flume, da ba dee da ba di“. You can have that one for free.