Drake & Rihanna Eat Pizza, Go To Rehab In Fkn Weird Series Of Snapchats

After the release of Rihanna‘s steamy ‘Work’ music video ft. Drake and their fire performance at the Brit Awards, it was pretty obvi something was going on between those two.

So, while legends Peking Duk were taking over our Snapchat account (add us: PEDESTRIAN.TV) to take all ya’ll on a crazy adventure through NYC, Dri and RiRi hijacked our phone to document their very own romantic Snapchat day out.
We should tell you: things got weirdddddddddddddddd.
Cute, guys! Love us some grass.
Nothing like the back of an old building to turn bae on. 

DAMN, this is something we can wrap our tongues around. Dat pizza tho. Way to a girl’s heart.

Culture and shit.
Most likely in the Hamptons. Classy AF. 

That’s fkn amazing. Bae goals. 
Umm. Take care of yourselves guys, plz. Too many tinnies for sho. 
The ULTIMATE hangover cure. Noodles > Nudes. 
TYPICAL Drizzy. Burn babies burn. 

JEEZ. Maybe the mixtape sucked? Drama. 
*tears up emotionally*

Late night when you neeeeeeed pizzzzzzaaaaa. 
Wow, it’s actually getting hella serious rn *smiles with joy*
Aw, guys! How sweet. Spooning with bae. Is that a paper towel blanket? Or pure Egyptian cotton?
We know what’s up, Drake. Don’t play us. HAVE FUN GUIZ. 
Peking Duk, RiRi and Drake aren’t the only cool things happening on our Snapchat: over the next week, we’ll be taking you (if you add us) BTS at The Secret Garden Festival and its seedy aftermath, before buzzing through to the 88th Academy Awards on Monday with an Oscars live stream of the ceremony feat. commentary by Leo, Matt Damon, J-Law and more.

Then there’s visits to a cat café, office hangs with Lee Lin Chin and Pip Edwards and Mardi Gras float-crashing. Yep, shit’s about to get amazingly weird on your Snapchat feed. 


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